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Reston, VA 20191

Our promise is the foundation of the Kensington Senior Living philosophy. We regard our residents as if they are our own family, so hugs, laughs, companionship, and patient support are routine parts of every day. We help our residents feel loved and secure by delivering heartfelt excellence in assisted living and Alzheimer’s or dementia care in a warm, beautiful environment. Decades of collective experience in senior living, construction, operations and management taught us the wisdom of departing from stereotypical nursing home models. Kensington Senior Living came about because we, as a group of committed senior living professionals, sought to build a community we’d been dreaming about for much of our careers. We wanted our residents to wake up each day happy and thriving. We wanted families to feel welcome to visit any time, confident they entrusted the care of their loved ones to capable professionals with big hearts. We wanted to be part of a community where we contribute something good. We have thoughtfully chosen Reston, VA as the next place to realize our dream. We are building a residence that looks and feels like home. We will integrate adaptations for seniors seamlessly throughout to encourage independence and confidence. Our carefully selected team of senior living professionals and caregivers will ensure the quality of care and every dimension of The Kensington lifestyle. We will foster a culture of service that makes everyone feel important the instant they step through our doors. Reston, Virginia was founded in 1964 as Virginia’s first planned residential community by Robert E. Simon, Jr. He purchased 6,750 acres of largely wooded farmland. The intent was to build a town that would revolutionize concepts of mixed land use and residential/corporate development. Reston is known worldwide for its forward-thinking concepts of what it means to be able to work and play where you live and to be connected to those around you. It embodies its founding principles of “Live, Work, Play and Get Involved!” This philosophy was a match for Kensington Senior Living founders when they thoughtfully chose Reston as the next community in their portfolio. The Kensington Promise” to love and care for your family as we do our own,” and Reston’s founding principles were in sync. Being active in the community and recognized as a valuable resource to the area is another promise The Kensington Reston has made. Aligning our name with the arts, health and wellness symposiums, educational programming and social outreach events as a sponsor or partner is of utmost importance to The Kensington. We invite you to become part of The Kensington family. We promise … you’ll know we care. Please contact us for further information.

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