Questions to Ask When Touring an Assisted Living Facility

Questions to Ask When Touring an Assisted Living Facility

Choosing an assisted living facility is a significant decision that requires careful consideration. When touring potential communities, it’s crucial to ask the right questions to determine if a facility meets your or your loved one's needs.


There are often subtle signs that may not be immediately obvious that a community is not the right choice for you. Every person has unique needs and it is imperative that these needs are addressed as early as possible. This guide aims to focus on some questions that might be overlooked in the search for a community.


Location and Accessibility

Location and accessibility will greatly impact your quality of life in any community. Whether the community is in a rural, urban or suburban setting, what activities are nearby, are all things you need to consider.


  • How is the facility's location relative to highways and public transportation? Consider ease of access for family visits and potential noise or pollution issues.
  • Can you describe the neighborhood surrounding the facility? Learn about local amenities, safety, and the overall environment to gauge resident quality of life outside the facility.


Staffing and Care Quality

Staffing is another element that can be a clue about the level of care provided, and how well-run a facility is.


  • What is the staff-to-resident ratio? Higher ratios often indicate better care and attention.
  • Can you tell me about staff turnover rates and overall staff satisfaction? High turnover can signal management or care issues.
  • What emergency protocols are in place? Understand how the facility handles medical emergencies and natural disasters.


Dining and Nutrition

We all need to eat, so be sure not to overlook this when visiting a community. Maybe see if you can sit down for a meal, and take a menu with you.


  • What dining options are available? Inquire about the variety of dining experiences and menus.
  • How do you ensure meals are nutritious and cater to dietary needs? Learn about meal planning and accommodation of special diets.
  • Is there a policy on alcoholic beverages? If important, ask about the availability of alcoholic drinks.



Facility Maintenance and Cleanliness

This might require less asking and more looking around but be aware of the level of maintenance and cleanliness. Asking about ongoing projects also shows the commitment level to the facilities available.


  • How is the facility maintained, including less visible areas? Assess overall cleanliness and upkeep.
  • Are there any ongoing maintenance issues or plans for upgrades? Understand the facility’s commitment to maintaining a high standard of living.



Resident Life and Engagement

Understanding resident lifestyle and engagement are maybe the most important things, some small flaws may be overlooked but if you do not enjoy the culture of a facility then you will find it harder to be happy with your situation.

  • What kinds of activities and programs are offered? Look for a range of physical and intellectual activities.
  • Can you describe the level of resident engagement and interaction? Gauge the community's social environment.
  • How does the facility accommodate cultural and religious needs? Ensure diverse needs are respected and met.
  • What level of independence do residents have in their daily routines? Independence is key to resident satisfaction.
  • What outdoor spaces are available for residents? Well-maintained outdoor areas are crucial for well-being.


Health and Safety

Understand what is available and see if this matches your personal continuum of care.

  • What types of mobility support and accessibility features are available? Ensure the facility is equipped to handle varying needs.
  • Can you explain the healthcare services provided on-site? Assess the quality and scope of medical care available.


Family and Social Considerations


  • What are the facility's policies regarding visitors? Understand how the facility accommodates family and friends.
  • How does the community involve families in care plans and activities? Family involvement can be crucial for resident well-being.


Modern Amenities and Lifestyle


  • What are the noise levels like, and are there quiet areas? Peaceful environments contribute to resident comfort.
  • What is the facility's policy on pets? For pet owners, this is a critical aspect.
  • How does the facility incorporate technology for residents? Technology is essential for connectivity and entertainment.


Market Position and Community Health


  • Can you provide feedback from online reviews and address any negative comments? This can offer insights into resident and family satisfaction.
  • How does the occupancy rate compare to similar facilities in the area? Occupancy can indicate the facility's overall health and desirability.


Wrap Up

Touring an assisted living facility is more than just a walk-through; it's an opportunity to ask critical questions that reveal the true nature of the community. By addressing these key areas, you can gain a comprehensive understanding of what life would be like in the facility. The goal is to find a place that not only meets care needs but also enriches life, making the golden years as fulfilling and comfortable as possible.

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