Looking your Best – Tips for Enhancing your Looks as you Age…

Looking your Best – Tips for Enhancing your Looks as you Age…

Aging is a fact of life that none of us can escape.  As we age, we will notice changes in our appearance.  Some notice things more than others and try to do things to look better.  Looking better is not just for vain among us, but know that having a healthy concern for looks is normal.  Looking good as you age can impact your emotional health and your desire to interact with others or not which impacts your self-esteem and even your physical health.  There are many aspects to our looks that we can address with simple grooming habits, wardrobe changes and commercially available beauty products in many price ranges.  Of course, there are the expensive routes involving surgery that we will not address in this article, but we will give you tips that anybody can apply to look your best as you age.

  1. Get a Wardrobe Makeover:

This may be the easiest and least costly of all the options for looking your best.  The first step is to analyze what’s in your closet.  The rule of thumb is if you have not worn it in a year or more, you might consider purging the item.  Look for things that no longer fit and either have them tailored or get rid of them.  Consider getting color analysis done so that you can home in on wearing colors that enhance your complexion.  Once you have completed the purge, consider what new pieces you can add to round out your wardrobe.  You can hire a professional to help you, enlist a fashionista friend or work with a department store consultant to help you select some new pieces.  Think about where you go and what you like to do and ensure that your wardrobe is ready to go when you are.  If you travel, think about wrinkle free materials for pack and go lifestyle.  If you are holding on to a mountain of clothes you no longer need, consider how you will be helping somebody in need by donating them and doing a good deed.

  1. Take Care of Your Skin:

There are many options for establishing a skin care regimen and the important point is to start one if you have not.  A simple twice a day washing toning and moisturizing with a good moisturizer sunscreen is a good place to start.   Skin is very delicate and can be enhanced by products, diet and lifestyle habits.  Avoiding too much sun as well as eating plenty of fruits and vegetables are cheap fixes you can try immediately.  Get your skin assessed by a professional.  Department stores are an easy inexpensive place to have a free consult and reassess your skin.   If you have been doing the same routine for a long time, it’s important to reassess as your skin may have changed.  They usually don’t charge as long as you buy some products and can give you some excellent tips.  Alternatively, visit your local MedSpa and discuss your skin type and ask about the newest options for rejuvenation that fit within your budget.  You may consider microdermabrasion which works on the outer layer to exfoliate so the new skin can come to the surface.

  1. Reassess and Change your Hairstyle:

Many of us started wearing our hair a certain way during our younger years, and just kept it into our senior years.  Although this may work for some, hairstyles don’t always age well.  Discuss with your stylist or watch YouTube videos to learn about styles for your face shape.  Consider how much time you like to spend on your hair and be sure not to select something you can’t keep up.  Think about updating the color or going with the trendy grey blond which allows you to keep it a little more natural. 

  1. Consider a Procedure:

What is a procedure?  It can be anything from simple Botox injections to plastic surgery.  Although these things can seem drastic, they have become much more common.  In fact, Botox is the number one procedure for recapturing a youthful appearance among men!  Botulism Toxin, or Botox is a simple in office procedure and can range in price from $300 - $800 per visit depending on how much you need.  Commonly people get the injections in the furrows between brows, crows’ feet and forehead to relax the muscles and release wrinkling.  Filler is another quick fix using things like Juvéderm to fill in furrows, deep wrinkles or plump sagging cheeks.  About the same price range as Botox, Juvéderm can take years off your face by simply filling in the deep furrows.  Both options require ongoing upkeep and can last between 6 months for Botox to two years for filler.  They both have immediate benefits as well as benefits overtime.  Repeated use of Botox will help your skin heal from wrinkles and keep you from making new ones.  Filler plumps immediately, but also helps you to build new collagen overtime.  If this seems drastic or out of your budget, consider Ageraline or liquid Botox.  You can purchase a bottle for under $10 on Amazon or Sephora and apply yourself.  This option is not as immediate but works like Botox overtime affecting the muscles of your face so that you can’t make the same deep wrinkles with your facial expressions.  Another trendy at home fix is facial cupping.  It works on oiled skin by applying the suction cups and pulling gently up and to the sides.  Skin can become fixed to the dry fascia below causing furrowing.  The suction separates skin from fascia and enhances circulation to the skin as well as lymph drainage.  This will plump skin overtime with repeated weekly treatments without the high price tag of using filler.

Always remember that we all age but at different rates and with different outcomes.  Talk with your doctor or trusted healthcare advisor regarding any procedure you plan to undertake and ensure it is safe for you before undertaking any procedure or using a product.

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