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Not too long ago my Nana could no longer live at home. So we did what most families do, we looked for the best place to put Nana. We looked at a number of places and finally decided on one of those big communities where nana had her own apartment. We thought we made the right decision, but my nana was never happy. She would often be on her own, soiled and we were never sure if she even got her meds. This broke my heart.

Now my other grandma had a much different experiences. She moved into a small residential home with only 10 residents. Although it wasn’t as fancy as my Nana’s place she was much happier. She found friendship and became really close with the other 9 residents almost like a 2nd family. The care staff was friendly and treated her like family and she thrived. My grandma had an amazing end of life full of love. It’s the experience that got us to start Class Act Assisted Living. And it’s that same experience we give every family in our home!