Creating the Life you have Always Wanted in Retirement

Creating the Life you have Always Wanted in Retirement

Congratulations, you made it, welcome to the Golden Years! Now that you have left your working life or Family responsibilities behind, spend some time assessing what you really enjoy doing, and who you enjoy doing it with. Consider what your goals are for retirement and write them down. Then come up with an action plan that meets your needs and desires. Think about what activities, clubs, or other ways to spend your time that will really make you happy. Here are some things to consider when creating a plan for a happy retirement

The No Plan Retirement Plan - Maximized Leisure Time…

Maybe you have worked your entire life five or more days per week, and you have always dreamed of unlimited time to just relax with no schedule. That is a kind of retirement that many people dream of. So what does that look like? For you, happiness may mean a completely unscheduled life. Getting up each day and just deciding in the moment what you would like to do without pressure to do anything at all. Maybe you like to read the paper and do a crossword puzzle every morning at your leisure.  Maybe you like to have breakfast and take a walk. Maybe you love the beach and would like to spend your days there. This kind of retirement plan is the unplanned, free spirit way to go about it and can work if you are happy. This may be exactly what you want and need and can be reassessed if you get bored or need a change of pace.  This is your time and don’t let outside pressures make you feel bad for wanting to spend your time relaxing. 

Helping Others in Retirement…

For some, work and home responsibilities were such that there was never time to volunteer or give back to the community.  Well, retirement can be a great time to become a volunteer.  There are many ways to give back to the community.  Consider reaching out to a local food bank or hospital. There are a plethora of non-profit organizations that need volunteers to carry out their mission. Consider volunteering right in your senior community.  Look for ways to help other seniors like organizing, scrapbooking or helping to sort through and downsize possessions and clothing. There are clubs such as the Jaycees or the Kiwanis club that have events throughout the year and focus on helping others in the community. You can even start a group or club to meet and discuss retirement goals and how to stay active!

Working a Part-Time Job…

Some people who retire wish to continue work in some fashion and feel motivated and energized by work. If this is you, enjoying a working retirement may be beneficial.  There are several places you can apply your skills and energy that will pay you for part-time help. Local restaurants and retail shops often need workers that can fill in during busy times or for holidays.  This is a great way to try out a job to see if you might like it and establish yourself with a business owner or manager.  2022 has been particularly challenging for hiring managers as the post-covid labor shortage continues to impact hiring. This is a great opportunity for seniors that want to get out there and work to find employment. Consider offering your skills as a consultant or 1099 employee so that you can have more control over your schedule. 

Active Lifestyle and Sports...

For seniors who want to be active do your research is seek out a community that has plenty of amenities and ensure they are the ones you desire. For example, places like Golf World or the Villages are perfect for those who want that kind of activity as they have golf courses with unlimited golf. If golf is not your thing, maybe tennis or pickle ball which is a fast-growing sport for all ages. For the slightly less strenuous, consider bocce or Wii sports as a way to get a little exercise and socialization without overexertion. Ping pong is a wonderful sport for seniors as it’s one of the best activities for brain health. Watersports and exercise classes either within your community or at the local YMCA or a community center are another great way to get out there.

Social Activities and Lifelong Learning...

The larger communities like those mentioned about have clubs for every age group. For example, in the Villages they have a club for each decade such as the born in the 60s club. There are plenty of clubs that mix age groups as well if you prefer to mix it up and mingle with others. There are clubs for every interest area from crafting to travel, cooking, chess, cars and shopping. If you don’t see a club that you like, consider organizing a club yourself and invite friends and residents of your community to enjoy it with you. If you like to learn and take classes, at your local community college or university. Many colleges offer free classes for seniors. This can afford you a way to learn more about a subject you love, learn a new language before a trip or hone your writing skills. The options are endless, providing both stimulation and a social connection. 

Starting a Business…

This may seem unusual, but for some seniors this maybe a lifelong dream! If this sounds like you, consider what your skills and hobbies are or how you can make money by starting a business. Maybe a simple food that you like to make would be in demand and you could sell it at the local farmer’s market or to a food truck. Consider providing a service that seniors in your community might need like dog walking or pet sitting or shopping.   

Whatever you decide to do in retirement is completely up to you! This is your time to spread your wings, have fun and finally have all the time in the world to do exactly what you want to do. 

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